La-Mir Enterprises, Inc. is an independent sales representation company specializing in the pet industry, dedicated to providing quality customer service. We link manufacturers with distribution networks and help to solidify business relationships.

La-Mir goes to market with innovative products and expertise in all pet industry market segments with emphasis on the pet professional.


No one knows for sure the outcome of the current economic situation or for how long it will continue. That is why our manufacturers have stepped up to the plate and are offering some wonderful deals and programs. Now distributors can offer great products to their customers without financial burdens. For promotional details, contact the Sales Department at La-Mir Enterprises, Inc.

Best Seller

B-Air Dryers is your answer to all Pet Industry grooming and drying needs. Careful attention to quality has been our priority from safety and design to function and ease of use. More info???

New Product

The Episode Sanitizers


Disinfect and sterilize your tools and surgical instruments quickly and effectively with the new Episode or Cleanmaker Sanitizers. +More